About Iwi

Iwi is growing the possibility of spaces in Utrecht, designed to flexibly fit many different types of activity. Inviting small businesses and individuals into the fold. With the aim of building community through shared promotion and shared spaces.  So come and find us and explore what we can mean to each other. Check out newest location and the spaces we have to offer. Surely there is something for you in one of our spaces in and around the heart of Utrecht.

Meaning of Iwi

Iwi is the Maori word for Tribe or family group. Iwi as a name gives direct connections to an ideal. Where a group of people are working together for sustainability and growth. Each with their different strengths and skills being utilized. As each individual grows in strength and ability, so too does the Tribe.

Our core values…

Put succinctly our interest as a business is to enable the growth of a community through the offer of physical space. Facilitating sustainable business and a wide range of great activities offered by partners that reach a wide range of people bringing them into our world.

With the rise of all things electronic we are arriving at a place where many wish for greater heartfelt connections in the ‘real life’. The possibility of contact with others in our community is becoming less. While contact through social media is increasingly taking over.  We invite you to join us online and in the flesh. To create, connect and grow. Don’t see something that calls to you in one of the activities on offer? Contact us, be proactive and create your own.

In these times theres constant financial change, shifts in job stability and the general need for jobs. More and more people are making the choice to start their own businesses. In the beginning its always a big leap of faith to get a business location that’s not your own home. But the potential this opens up is really healthy for the growth of a small business. It adds to the appearance of a businesses professionalism and the shared facilities Iwi offers give more quality away from home.

How Iwi came to be…

Looking back the basic concept for Iwi came from our first temporary project space lasting for 1 year opened in Plymouth, the United Kingdom. Bringing the development of a concept that we can do more together, than alone as small individual organizations.  Leading us to explore this setup further and finding that it bypasses the traditional business model of competition. Replacing it with the formation of a strong team of small businesses and individuals who were growing not only from their own promotion activities but also by the shared promotion and natural cross over of students wanting to explore new activities in the cozy safe environment we had made for them. Naturally this studio stopped at the planned end of the project but has stayed with me over the years as a deep and heart warming experience that is totally worth repeating if the opportunity arose.

When i first came to Utrecht i fell in love with the city which felt so full of creativity and promise of collaboration. Working for a tango school here and later setting up my own classes. While the creative promise is even more than i could have ever known, the difficulty i have had in finding suitable spaces for my activities has made it difficult to make a viable business while offering value to my students.

Sometimes it got to the point that its not possible to find a studio on the right day and so not being able to go ahead with activities. This seems crazy when you have the ability, the students with the wish and the only thing that holds you back is physical space.  Often a space was the right size but too expensive. Or didn’t have things necessary to make a good atmosphere. So you have to bring a lot of equipment every week just to have a basically good setup.

Studio Cielito is the first studio opened in 2014. With this came the start of the momentum driving this project. Furthermore bringing great people into our world wanting space to do their thing. It was also the official name of the project until we made additions to our spaces on offer. Its inspired the growing of a dream to enable more small businesses to grow without the stress of running their own locations.

With the Addition of Hemeltje studio (now closed, august 2017 due to unsuitable location) we are able to broaden the possibilities for businesses and individuals alike with a space that has no time limits on use. Surely a factor in its favour for parties and ideal as a performance venue. There are plans for furthers spaces. With potential for different uses and users that will be added when suitable spaces are found.

After the opening of Hemeltje and Cielito, Iwi’s goal and identity become clear. With more attention to branding, the initiatives with similar goals and the possibilities for longer lasting loctions suitable to our needs, it become clearer still. Check this space for our future plans and announcements of projects, new buildings and initieatives that will drive our business core principle of sustainability while providing a quality service to small businesses and individuals alike to further facilitate their goals for growth.

Working together to create sustainable business and great activities. Through these two tracks growing a community of people who are stronger standing together.

Come and find us…

While its great meeting face to face, you can also find us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and PInterest. Stay up to date with the latest activities with our agenda here on this website.  Check out the organizations who are already collaborating with us. So pick your social media preference and connect with us.