The times are changing…What does this mean for our renters?

Times are changing Iwi and we want to both assure our renters and inform about the current services and how the availability of buildings will be increasing in the coming months.

We will be introducing a new rentals website to clarify the current locations available to rent. We are not only showing buildings from our own portfolio but those of clients and collaborators based in Utrecht. The website will offer smaller locations with a social and or cultural purpose the chance for extra exposure and through this extra financial support to further their goals which can be anything from support for Zzp’ers and organisations working with young people, to culture, art and joblessness. Iwi is furthering our sustainable footprint by facilitating the use of empty or underused buildings here in Utrecht. People renting see a great collection of locations offering everything from a dancing space to offices.

Want to tip us a location? leave us a short message.

CULTURAL Network Oost (Utrecht) is taking its first steps with our meeting on the 15th May. We are inviting everyone to come along to make contact and hear your ideas. With two groups in mind: organizers and participants and everything in between. The Network is aiming to connect those busy with culture through knowledge sharing, mutual supporting, bringing learning possibilities and creating collaborations on projects that will directly bring a hoard of wealth to Utrecht Oost.

While many of you are probably tired of hearing about the Brexit we would lastly like to acknowledge the impact this is having on Iwi. The owner of Iwi, Isolde Kanikani is British and living here as a resident. Brexit brings a lot of uncertainty for her in these times and has been the reason for some pretty major changes to the number of buildings available in the last months. Due to the Brexit we have closed 2 dance studios, our creatieve broedplaats and have stopped new buildings plans that will mean big contracts and big risks. BUT it has also made us stronger, the last 3 months have been an analyzing period. A time of lots of advice, changes in the team and reaching out in new directions. Contact with the outside has been slow due to this process and whole hearted apology to anyone feeling this in the last months.

SO in short, we have found our path once more.

Like a phoenix from the ashes we have many exciting plans including the possibility for new partners to join Iwi. We are looking for zzp’ers who would like to help expand Iwi’s operations with skills like marketing, Building knowledge and management of customers. You would be joining a business built up on sustainable concepts, that supports local individuals and businesses to develop their talent and opportunities. The team currently is made up of 3 zpp’ers who take on certain paid tasks, 2 volunteers, a changing team of interns (2-6) and the organisation owner Isolde. Please contact Isolde with serious interest and put Iwi partner in the subject.

We are working on a number of other projects behind the scenes which are not quite ready yet. So there is a little mystery waiting to be discovered, come back in a few weeks for an update. Don’t forget to make contact, drop us a tip or consider the new cultural network.

Iwi Center

Iwi is growing the possibility of spaces in Utrecht, designed to flexibly fit many different types of activity. Inviting small businesses and individuals into the fold.