Reservations & admin assistant (freelance position)

Do you know someone who would steady work of 9 hours a week? Great position for someone who can pick up the telephone and check emails regularly, giving a simple response between other tasks they might have for another job or university. 

Iwi has clients in Utrecht and Amsterdam. We offer business support to small social and cultural organisations by helping with team coordination, office management, rental of facilities, programming and building/renter management. Alongside this we have some great purely social projects that bring together our core goals as an organisation of sustainability, talent development and community building. We are searching for an anchor, a wonderfully communicative grounded someone who can be the contact point for all things Iwi in Utrecht. Its a new position with possibility to grow in hours, payment and responsibility after the first 6 months. 

Tasks will include:
1. Answering calls, Whatsapp and emails for basic administration and the rental of spaces in Utrecht. 
2. Translating documents to dutch for promotion and communication purposes.
3. Sorting out renters with showing them spaces, making offers, getting contracts made and signed.
4. Sometimes working at specific locations, (once a week based on availability)

starting at 9 hours a week steady hours and possibility of more after the first 6 months. We pay 10 euros per hour exclusive BTW. We also offer some great places to work if you prefer a steady workplace. This can be used 24/7 and also at times not for Iwi. There is opportunity to earn extra hours and cash with collaborations and commission work. 

Best fit is someone wanting a small amount of hours per week working along side another job or training. Send an email or Whatsapp directly with interest, 0649299670

Iwi Center

Iwi is growing the possibility of spaces in Utrecht, designed to flexibly fit many different types of activity. Inviting small businesses and individuals into the fold.