Iwi becomes a ‘erkend leerbedrijf’

Hey guys we are excited about our new status as a learning business (leer bedrijf ) based in Utrecht. It means we can invite new interns to our business and offer them a great learning experience within the practical business world. Starting with intern training as secretaries and office manages. This brings a new possibility to our internship team learning program where we have 4 social work interns in our team. Idea is that students from different disciplines can share different knowledge while learning to work in a collaborating team atmosphere.

Interested in the project? Intern looking for a business to experience practical work life? Iwi is actively looking for interns in September, November, February and April. Contact us for more information and to apply for a place for our designed 21st century internship.

Iwi Center

Iwi is growing the possibility of spaces in Utrecht, designed to flexibly fit many different types of activity. Inviting small businesses and individuals into the fold.