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What can Iwi offer your business

We offer small to medium size organisations services that not only meet a practical need, but bring income and allow you to focus on your core goals. Be it running a restaurant, caring for clients or creating products. Basic arrangements and tailor made situations will bring your business income while all you have to do is send Iwi a monthly invoice for the amount due.
Iwi does everything from space management (room or building), finding long term renters and managing reservations for short term rentals. Not to mention the sheer amount of communication that is needed to create happy clients. Bringing you together with other businesses on our website where Iwi offers a powerful mix of spaces designed to cater for most renters needing space in Utrecht.

By connecting social and cultural organisations as renters we give an added value of sustainability and your organisation can claim to be supporting local economy and community building. Iwi works on
tailor made solutions that fit your situation. Like a building or organisation, every situation is different and requires
our creativity in collaboration to meet the needs and future goals.

We specialize in:

  • Rental of locations long term, short term and per hour/day part.
  • Building management including facilities management personel, space decoration, hosts and cleaning.
  • Renter management with finding, contract signing and finishing. Day to day communication involved in taking complaints and questions.
  • Event organisation and hosting
  • Community building through talent development and sustainability.
  • matching business concepts to location and sourcing the necessary businesses to realize this.

Not only do we organise the above services but give added value to our clients with:

  • Regular promotion of your space via:
    • Our facebook community
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
  • The making and regulation of online profiles:
    • Makelpunt
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Special pages suitable for your kind of space be it a meeting place for businesses or a dance studio.
  • A large amount of time is spent on customer relations and
    communication. Important to keep in mind and helps no end to keep people coming back to our spaces at Iwi.
    • Making and signing of contracts
    • Arrangement of deposits, payments and invoices
    • Answering questions, maintaining good contact, notifying customers of new possibilities and developments at your location.
      • Your clients can keep contact with us via a number of different platforms to maintain good contact in the place that suits your clients.
        • Telephone
        • Sms
        • Whats app
        • Email
        • Messenger
        • Website form
        • Social media account instagram and twitter
        • Facebook page contact

So all in all with one invoice a month and a tailor made working arrangement means you have the possibility that your space is filled and brings in money. Not only this, but you can also help to build the local sustainability by supporting small businesses and culture in Utrecht flourish.

Contact us for more information and an obligation free meeting to discuss your situation.

Iwi Center

Iwi is growing the possibility of spaces in Utrecht, designed to flexibly fit many different types of activity. Inviting small businesses and individuals into the fold.