JOB POST: Personal assistant

Assistant administration


Iwi is the connector between spaces and those wanting to rent space. Through community building, making the most of Zzp’er capabilities, sustainability concepts and collaboration. We not only create thriving creative hubs but have a eye to clear business skills and spreading this information throughout our community. We would like to welcome a new personal assistant to the team.


A great fit would be someone who wants some extra hours alongside another job, with options to expand.


Someone who has their own business and would like the use of an office, support with business coaching and use of Iwi’s network.


We are looking for someone who has:

  • Good speaking and written dutch skills are essential.
  • Great communication skills using email, whatsapp and telephone to take bookings and make appointments.
  • Is good at working on computers and learning new programs.
  • Finds the idea of connecting renters to physical spaces in Utrecht fun.
  • Is proactive and able to work on tasks without supervision while supporting Iwi vision.
  • Do basic updates on our wordpress website and facebook page.
  • Pre is someone well connected in Utrecht with a network of people who they can draw on for events and activities.


Tasks and payment:


We can offer 9 hours a week steady work and income of 10 per hour excluding BTW, total of €360 per month for the following tasks:

  • Document translation to dutch.
  • Answering the telephone, emails and other social media.
  • Preparing and getting contracts signed with new renters.
  • Organising bookings, every now and again catering and hosting.
  • Infrequently, Opening studio doors, locking up and checking up on buildings..
  • Possibility of overtime when there are more bookings.


Commission based work for extra hours and big income possibilities:

  • Organise events and activities in our spaces, ( full income from events/activities after expenses)
  • New regular renters (commission, 15% of first months rent, rents range from 300 – 5500)


For commission based activities we will make a plan based on the hours you wish to work and interests. For all other commission based work not listed above we will work with a proposal where the income type is stipulated. We ask that you send an invoice monthly for all paid work done. With any additional commission work to be added on top. Other situations are negotiable.


We can offer you:

  • A space to work in 24/7 inside of Utrecht . This can be during your hours working directly for Iwi or your own work. When working on your own work we ask that you can be available on the phone for Iwi and any questions people might have in the building while you are there (in the contact hours).
  • 9 hours per week paid work at 10 euros per hour, exclusive of BTW and on freelance basis. Other situations negotiable.
  • Commission based work for bigger income possibilities and more hours if wanted.
  • Space to create own projects and initiatives.
  • We will need more hours very soon, possibility to have up to 15 steady hours per week. This will be offered after three months and the number of hours will be based on the generation of more income though your work in the first months.


Please send an email to, with a cv and example of your written dutch work. We are looking for someone asap to fill a pregnancy leave that was a little sudden.

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