IWI: Food project

Iwi is searching for foodies to bring together in a project location of 3 months with the idea that if its successful we move to a long term location where we can grow an Iwi food location.

We are looking for a healthy mix of food related zpp’ers and small businesses to come together to offer:

  • A cafe
  • takeaway healthy meals
  • a shop with food related articles
  • tea maker
  • restaurent organizer
  • kamer restuarant organisers
  • cooking classes
  • other compatible activities…
  • Other food related activities…

FULL concept to be realized by the participants.

We Have a professional kitchen, small working room/office and place where people can have meals both for lunchtime and the evening if theres interest. These are available for the Month of July – September. We are looking for 6 participants who will pay a part of the rent of the spaces with the chance of making income from the activities they organise.  This will be a maximum of 250 euros for two months space use if expenses are divided equally, this means 115 euros per month for some great facilities and the chance to try your hand in the food world.  If the participants opt for split of costs based on use this could be a bit more or a bit less but the income generated should be in relation to this.

This is a try out project for the creation of a long term IWI:food location, we already have some possible locations in mind. But first we will be using the building at Koppestokstraat as our staging area. This provides a low cost way to try things out, to grow a potential public we can take with us into our new long term location.


Interested to hear more? Then contact us to RSVP your place at our information meeting on the 15th June at 16:00. send an email to isolde@iwi.center


Steps in project:

  1. First information meeting on the 15th June. Here we will give you all the information about the project and what it entails. We will also have a brain storming session as a way to getting inspired and seeing what we can create. For those who like to sign up, it will be possible to apply from now until the 20th June. We ask you to include the types of activities you would like to contribute, the facilities you need, cv or information about yourself relevant to the project, if known your preferences of days to work and not work. This information helps us to see if we have a viable fit of possibility and interest.
  2. Those who receive a confirmation of a place will be invited to a second meeting to further form the concept and be part of decisions like how to split the low rent price, the making of a program of how the spaces are to be used, advertising and making the location known to possible new clients.
  3. 5th July we can get into the spaces and prepare then for the project launch and further implement the plan of action created in the second meeting.
  4. After the first month we will come together to review the progress as a group and look at the possibility to move to a long term location after the end of the project.


Iwi Center

Iwi is growing the possibility of spaces in Utrecht, designed to flexibly fit many different types of activity. Inviting small businesses and individuals into the fold.