IWI: FOOD location searches for food specialists

IWI is busy with a new concept of project lcoations bringing together small businesses that bring something unique to a lcoation with like minded people doing something they love, MAKING FOOD.

IWI:FOOD is our first project location in the making and we are searching for caterers, cooks, people who like to create a great atmosphere with a cozy cafe concept, teachers to initiate the less practiced cooks to marvelous creations. If you are interested see the basic steps below or contact us with you interest and questions.

Steps to creating a wonderful food location:

  1. Meeting with those interested to collaborate on the first IWI:FOOD location. Here we will give the details of the concept, how we collaborate and what IWI brings to this mix.
  2. 2nd meeting for those who want to continue. Further definition of the concept, practicalities. The group adds to the creative shaping and image of whats to come.
  3. Iwi creates a broshure including the outcomes of the two meetings with a practical business plan and strategy for implementation.
  4. We will send this to the participants and to possible locations for our first IWI:food experience.
  5. When we have a location in place we will meet a third time to see the location, talk details and contracts. All those who still identify with the plan continue and any space left open will be actively filled by new interested parties.
  6. We go ahead as a group and sign the contract for our location, build and OPEN.


Iwi’s part in all this: We will facilitate the coming together of a group, deal with the searching of locations and all business details related to IWI:food location. For those able to make food that can be delivered we offer access to a growing number of buildings with many creatives and cultural people inside. Often the have to go off location to get lunch or dinner and would be happy to have something healthy delivered.

Foodies part: You bring the skills, creativity and receive the possibility to get started without the hassle of running a building. In the third meeting all the actual expenses of the location will be shown including a proposed split of these expenses per person taking part. This will be based on the locations expenses of running per month, the amount of space someone uses with their activity and the amount of income they are able to generate with their activity. Examples will be given in the first meeting.

Please email us via email Isolde@iwi.center with your interest and questions. Dutch is also good so don’t hesitate to speak or write in your mother tongue. We look forward to hearing from you.


Iwi Center

Iwi is growing the possibility of spaces in Utrecht, designed to flexibly fit many different types of activity. Inviting small businesses and individuals into the fold.