Iwi Center: News & updates at Koppestokstraat!

Winter edition: 5 february 2018

This is the first of our newsletters for 2018. Keeping our community of renters and makers updated on the things that affect them within our buildings. Not only this we will be posting new spaces, opportunities and messages sent in by you. Have a message you like to share with the world? Then see the deadline dates below for submissions and be welcome.

Koppestokstraat updates:

After the first couple of months Koppestokstraat is finding its feet and all our rents are in. See below for some of the opportunities specifically for our renters and further updates about the building that might affect you.


OPENING party: 3rd March !

We are inviting everyone from the Koppestokstraat to celebrate and meet on the 3rd March. We are thinking on music, sharing food and inviting friends and family into the mix.

5pm – 7pm: Official opening & Shared meal

7pm – ?: Music, dancing, chilling, tango performance

Please bring food and drinks to share, think on a salad, bread and dips or your favourite dish to make. If you play an instrument or would like to offer something else to be part of the evening please contact me before 16th February via whatsapp 0649299670 or email cielitoisolde@gmail.com

Everyone is welcome to join us, the more the merrier. Please RSVP the amount of people who can come so we can make sure we have enough of everything, a few last minute surprises are never a problem.

NEW shared spaces coming to Koppestokstraat

We really appreciate the way koppestokstraat has been cared for in the last couple of months. With a very tight budget for cleaning it means the more we all care for our shared spaces the more we can enjoy being there. To show this we would like to try out a new recycling room for plastic and paper. Iwi would also like to invite ideas for using the downstairs outside area and shared space to the right of the entrance on the ground floor. Contact Isolde with Ideas.

Recycling room: To be found on the ground floor to the left of the main entrance, there will be signs put up when the space is ready on the 21st february.

Social area: The social area is finished on the first floor. It would be great if you can leave tables clean and if you have a moment sweet the floor to keep this area looking good and welcoming. Feel free to invite friend not renting at koppestokstraat here. Its a place to work, share and chill out. This will be extended to the outside area on the first floor when the weather gets good enough.

Small kitchen: There is a small kitchen with a coffee machine and kettle available. This is on the ground floor to the left of the main entrance, in the hallway outside room A and C. Everyone is welcomed to make drinks here and keep things in the cupboards. If you want to leave things here for drinks then please keep everything in a clearly labeled box so others know it belongs to you. Anything left is at the risk of the owners, so no valuable things please.

Oproepjes & events: We now have two boards  at the bottom of the stairs to the first floor, where you can place Events and things you would like to ask or offer our community. You can also email Isolde these so they can be placed on the Iwi website. send an email to isolde@iwi.center witht he submit ‘website submission’.


Hebben Jullie Ideeen voor dit ruimte:

Updates for renters at Koppestokstraat:
  • Heating: Some of you might have felt a difference in the heating but most of you won’t know whats happening behind the scenes. 2 weeks ago we received a crazily large bill for gas. Its to be expected that during the winter the gas use is higher than the spring and summer months but in this case in two months we used the total gas usage for a year or more for a building this size. This comes down to two things, the heating settings have been left on 24 degrees celcius and heating 24/7. The settings were changed two weeks ago for the standard setting of 21 degrees celcius output. SO you will definitely feel a difference, namely that your room will need up to an hour to warm up. The second thing that came up was that 2 out of 4 pomps that are part of the heating system were found broken meaning they all had to be replaced a week ago. The engineer (monteur) has been out at the koppestokstraat 2 times since then to check the heating situation, the first time to arrange new settings and the second time to correct these settings which were wrongly put in. Tomorrow we have another check due to a couple of you feeling the cold. Please note that everything is being actively dealt with as regards to heating. RENTER ACTION POINT: Lastly we would love to ask your awareness to turn lights and heating off when not in use, this is for your room but also the main building especially the toilets. Some of the rooms have large windows and the heating is predominantly by these. Putting up curtains will help to retain warmth during the night time. We have curtains available for borrowing if you are interested in this option.
  • Internet: Some have noticed that at times the internet can be slow. Internet is said to be provided in the contracts but said nothing about speed and was only meant to be in the social area. This is due to the fact that its very hard to get even internet access across the building without a big expense. Due to the difference of expectations here we have done all we can think of at Iwi to ensure as even coverage as possible. We have the highest internet package we can find which is with Ziggo 400mb/s. We have installed a versterker to spread the signal (name Koppestokstraat 38) and have been advised this is all we can do to help. RENTER ACTION POINT: Please don’t download films, this will really help everyones internetting experience.

NEW locations and rooms to rent:

  1. 1e verdieping, 26m2, 250 euros, Link

2. Begane grond, 32m2, 350 euros, Link

3. Studios Maya & Maya for events and exhibitions. Link


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